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10 min Meatballs in Tomato sauce with Presents

Sorry dear readers! Now I’m back! Don’t get put off by the title, saying “meatballs?!” – do not judge a book by its cover. Please read on because it is not just an ordinary meatball dish.
When one is not seen in the online world, one is busy in the real world. Am I right? Yes, right, I had so much fun last week with the fascinating young Germans, and now with them gone, I’m touching on the memories of our dinners together and the survival package they brought for me. They brought cheese, wine and lots of pumpernickel bread, which I’ve been having with the German blue cheese after a meal. But not only that!


The best present of all was the laughter and enlightenment they brought to the people with whom they shared a dinner. I think they will remain in my memory as a very rare young couple who are full of knowledge and interests.

The first day we met, they were late – they had no idea about Istanbul’s traffic. On the way home after a quick shopping, picking up some food for dinner that night, we assigned each person a task to speed up the process of getting dinner on the table as fast as we could; the time was 9.30pm so we needed to be efficient.

Thank god, I was glad that they were German! :)Lots of whispering in German in the back seat. I assumed they were discussing how to make the Meatballs in tomato sauce.


Wow, wow, wow, can you believe they made this together in less than 20 mins? It was absolutely del-li-cious. The tomato sauce was made from scratch with fresh tomatoes, too! Even I, who isn’t a fan of meatballs and anything with mince meat, had one, which became 2, then 3..and then 4 after all. Simplicity won again here. I was in charge of salad so I made a salad with red cabbage, apple and rocket. That got me thinking why people buy ready-made meatballs, lasagna, pizza and what not. When making them takes about the same amount of time, and yet, the taste is completely different. You see and know what is in your food, which gives you a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure. With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, there was prepackaged mince in the heart shape, which is what we got. I normally pick lean cuts on display and get it minced at the shop or mince it myself at home. Then, I would divide it into a few handful-sized balls and freeze them for later use.

After the horsemeat scandal, you might consider starting to do that from now on, yes? It is so much easier done than said; puzzled? I know, but it IS b**dy EASY!
Easier to do it than to talk about it. Just take one weekend and do the preparation for the week ahead. People can save a lot of time, energy and money with a bit of organisation in advance. Tomato-based sauce, curry paste, demi glace and herb-based salsa such as salsa verde or olive tapanade are always on standby in my fridge. Another reason for that is to make the most of the fresh herbs while they are fresh. So when I cook, I use a dollop or two of each to flavour any kind of cooking that it fits. Also, cooking and freezing peas, beans and even rice really comes in handy. No jarred, canned or frozen food, please!
You can’t complain about horsemeat or kangaroo meat while eating ready-made loaded with MSG and chemicals. At least, they don’t require mass production or GMO engineering, though I understand that the issue isn’t just about kinds of meat but about lying and being lied to. Have a look at what the Romans ate: ostrich, turtle, parrot, FLAMINGO, gosh…it’s one of the most beautiful birds! At least, they didn’t farm them. They also ate dinner early, around 5pm, and drank lots of wine.

Ok, sorry, I got carried away again 😦 My good-food-advocate self sometimes gets better of me, obscuring the line between the Gourmet and the Politics. Well, that’s what my new blog is about: easy, healthy, efficient cooking without compromising the quality. Let’s all be a cheap gourmet!

The next post will be about the wine and food dinner hosted by Mehmet.

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