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Healthy Sustainable Recipe – Beetroot Stalks, Sheep Feta, Fresh Herbs

Do you like beetroots in your burger or sandwich? Yes, I do!

I can eat three or four entire beetroots in one go. Beetroot salad with sour cream or cream cheese is one of the most popular lunch menus for Aussies and Kiwis. I make dip, soup, risotto…  do you remember my Beetroot Hummus? and they are plenty around these days and throughout the winter.


Everything purple is good for a heart. Did you know what? Purple, purple, I see something P-U-R-P-L-E……. (it’s a reminder of the sweet yet dreadful moments teaching at kindergarten.)

Beetroot! Cabbage! Radish(purple skin)! Plum! Cherry! Kalamata Olives! Wine! hmmm…Petit Verdot!


As I hate wasting food, I use every part of beetroots, the leaves and the stalks. When I cook the stalks, I keep them long instead of cutting into small pieces to keep the fibre intact. Once I did it with asparagus by accident. Remember the Asparagus Noodles I made?


I steam-cooked the stalks in a pan with a very little water and a clove of garlic. It took only 3 minutes to cook. If there is still water after they’ve been cooked, turn up the heat and boil down the juice instead of throwing it away – save nutrients in the juice. I’m sure you’ve already cooked the whole beetroots, which are cut up and cooling right now.


I used plenty of fresh herbs like dill and mint. I left out parsley even if I had it and I think it was a good idea just to alternate the flavour. The cheese I used was real Greek feta from Greece, where I go on a cheese, pork and wine run. Ah, my stock of Spanish jambon needs to be picked up soon. Oh, yum! Can’t wait! Interesting life of Namie, you must be thinking, right?

Beetroots are just delicious even on their own. That’s why beetroot meze here is made simply with olive oil and lemon juice or yogurt, but I like to exotify it, as I do with everything else- I can’t control the desire to be different. I think that is why I never eat the same food twice. I’ve noticed just now how many beetroot recipes are already on my blog, ha ha! I won’t post another post about beetroots for a while. 🙂

Here is another No-Waste-Recipes that you might like. Pink Radish Leave Salad

And here is another version of beetroot salad with Grated Raw Beetroots and Beetroot Bulgur Risotto.


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