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Indian Dinner@Eat with Me Istanbul – Spice it up!

Indian food, why do we love Indian food so much? As soon as I announced ‘Indian Night’, at least 6 people immediately responded and what was meant to be a cozy stay-in evening for two became an evening of kitchen labor, but good labor. But I was concerned a little because I had to work on that day, so I prepared some of the dishes the night before and marinated the tandoori chicken; seriously I was cooking and making samosa from scratch at 11pm. Luckily, curries can benefit from sitting overnight.


Samosa… I love it but I hate frying so I used the baking method, which worked brilliantly. I made sure to brush the samosas with ghee occasionally. These flew off the plate faster than the time required to keep the guests occupied while I was finishing off cooking the mains. But they left some of the gorgeous Scampi Avocado Lime Coriander Grapefruit Cocktail for me. It wasn’t so Indian, I know, but still exotic, and that’s why I whipped it up as an extra appetizer since I had fresh scampi I’d bought thinking of making pasta the day before. Otherwise, it would have been Paneer Pakora, had I had more time to cook.

The fig chutney and mint yogurt with crispy baked lavas bread also kept them entertained till I finally laid the table with the scrumptious and colourful curries of different types. Since there were too many guests to sit down around the table, it had to be a buffet style. I was so excited that I almost forgot to take photos; wish someone else could do the job for me… what about Mr.O? Umm..should I teach him how to use my camera? I bought some new baking dishes for this dinner and I love the one with warming rack, which seems perfect for such an occasion.

I was feeling so euphoric, whether it’s due to eating long-missed Indian food or due to the effect of warm and earthy spices, but anyway, I didn’t really care for once whether or not the guests were pleased with the food. Paneer Spinach Curry, oh my…..the melt-in-the-mouth Lamb Rogan Josh, which has no tomatoes but the puree of roasted red capsicums (my improvisation, usually just chilli and caramelised onion gives the dark red colour)..and everyone’s all time favourite Chicken Korma. Even cautious Turkish guests went for the second serving, lululala~ and many couldn’t tell the fried paneer in the spinach curry.


For this dinner, I had to compromise here and there due to the lack of time, and also, I had to moderate the spicy level because of Turkish guests, so the expats who are used to the real curry heat seemed somewhat disappointed with the spicy level; it’s not Indian if not hot! I agree! Next time, there won’t be mercy for Turks so you better get used to the heat, and you’ll eventually fall in love with the heat and beg for more, I bet! It’s so addictive!


It was the first time having this many guests in our house since we moved in. So here is the memorable shot, which makes me smile. I love cooking for you people, who love to eat! Tell me what you want, bring what you want me to cook for you, and eat with me… Big love, mwah!

The next Indian Dinner is to be announced soon. You can submit your preferred date if you wish. 🙂

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