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Humble Delights: Garlic and Onion Scapes

When I got back home after 2 weeks’ absence, I was delighted to see my plants still healthy. This wine bottle watering system really worked! The bottle was still half full and the soil was wet. Now I don’t need to worry about plants when going on a holiday, yeah!

wine bottle

I’ve created a few dishes this week and some turned out really amazing. I can’t wait to share them with you. But for today, I’ll share some tricks you can do with humble garlic and onion scapes you probably see a lot these days.

When I see the scapes at the market, my knew-jerk reaction is ‘PICKLE’~!

Image result for korean garlic scapes

Picked garlic scapes by Korean Bapsang

This salty, tangy and sweet pickle is a delight at a meal.  But instead of garlic scapes, I’ve been seeing a lot of onion scapes. Did I miss them while I was away??

I bought the scapes anyway and pickled some of them since I couldn’t eat them all. I threw in some fresh green garlic cloves as well. When pickled, they develop a different flavour. I’ll start eating them after 2 weeks when the scapes are off the market.

With the rest, I cooked them simply stir-fried. My mum usually makes it with dried shrimps but you can add any meat or even nothing. I happened to have spicy fish cakes, which I made the day before.

So I added them, cut up, to the stir-fry, to make it a substantial meal without rice. Because of the delicate sweet flavour of the scapes, it’s best to season it simply with soy sauce and sesame oil.

You still got more scapes??? Then, you can make an omelette, pizza, pasta, almost anything that you’ll use onion or leek in. I was actually going to make an omelette in a skillet since I was only the one eating but then I changed my mind.

egg roll scapes

I was glad that I made this. It looks so pretty, doesn’t it? This particular rolled omelette has a bit of umami and is very delicious.

When making this kind of egg rolls, the square pressure pan, which Korean use for cooking fish, comes in handy. However, you can do it in a normal round pan but you won’t achieve even thickness on the ends.

Just roll it away while adding little by little the egg mixture, which has a bit of the soy based pickling broth. If you don’t have it, you can add a bit of soy sauce and mirin.

egg roll

It’s a lovely way to present humble egg rolls, isn’t it? You can use garlic scapes or even asparagus. I hope you’ll try this while they are still around!

My FIL sometimes makes an omelette this way after he learned it in Korea and shouts out, ‘Korean egg, Korean egg!’ at a family breakfast. Oh, my sweet FIL…


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