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Safranbolu, Amasra..and Beautiful Autumn colours

I know there are hundreds of photos of the traditional Ottoman houses but I’ll still add mine because one never gets tired of looking at these timeless houses with unique characteristics. Mr.O took me around to secret spots where he sat drinking coffee and reading books. He knew this village like the back of his hand, having come here on weekends during the compulsory military service while other soldiers went to the new town for more fun. Nowadays, Korean tourists seem to be everywhere, leaving their traces here and there, a hand-written sign board or message in Korean inviting tourists to certain shops and restaurants for example. Words travel fast in Turkey and when we were going to Sanfranbolu, Mr.O’s ex-commander’s daughter joined us with her friend, who was a huge fan of Korean TV and culture. They study at the local university and I happened to be there. They took us to their favourite cafe, Kuru Kahveci, for the best Turkish coffee as they claimed, but it was closed so we went to Sade …