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Taste of Savoie and Jura / Healthy Buckwheat Banana Bread

Cyrille and I cooked amazing dishes every night during the 3-week holiday, which wasn’t good for his regime, however, sometimes having a guest is an excuse to spoil yourself. Now I’m back home, next stories on my Jura holiday would be written in retrospective. One of the longest exploring the region was to Gex, the town of Bleu de Gex cheese, up the Jura Mont Rond, down through Mijoux, a ski town, and through Comte farms. So this post will have many photos of the beautiful sights but not as many as I’d like to share. I visit each cheese town as if I were a holy pilgrim; paying a visit to the towns where my favourite cheeses are made and that give me so much pleasure is almost spiritual, and the same goes for wines. We walk through small streets, soaking in the sun and autumn colours. Stalls at the weekend market were packing up but we managed to get a few goat cheeses, one of which I’d forgotten of and had on my last …

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Wholewheat Yogurt Banana Bread

Today is a crucial moment in the life of Mr.O. Today is the day he has  Two weeks ago he decided to become a baker and baked his first sweet goodness, Banana Bread, which I thought would be the easiest and useful, and yes, delicious. I almost gave up teaching him when he started to put all the ingredients I laid down on the kitchen bench into the mixing bowl without thinking. Oh, dear…trying to be calm and patient, I gave him a quick run-down on the basic rules of baking: creaming, sifting, measurement, etc. “Geez, it’s a lot more complicated than I thought.” said he. I said to myself, “So, think of the hard work that goes into the goodness next week you bite into it, let alone the amount of sugar!”.