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Mock Teriyaki- Spiced Beef Red Wine Balsamic Braise

I will be in France this time next week and now that the jittery feeling has subsided, I’m beginning to feel more and more excited about what I will learn and the new people I’m going to meet. When I am anxious and can’t focus, I tend to cook. Cooking seems to have a therapeutic effect on me. My head tends to get clearer and I gain confident. As I didn’t have anything to cook in the fridge except cheese, I mean a lot of cheese, from Saturday’s wine and cheese night. So I just went out to get some groceries. I usually go shopping without any particular menu in mind and pick veggies and fruit that look good, and then lay them out on the kitchen top and that’s when my brain gets busy thinking up recipes.

Best Hamburg Steak / Kyra Terra Öküzgözü 2009

…that I almost died for. Hamburger steak or hamburg steak? Do you know the difference? We all assume that the origin of hamburger is from Hamgurg, Germany. Is it real? Hmm…I’m not so sure…My conspiracy is that it’s something to do with pronunciation. The inventor of hamburg steak couldn’t pronounce “-er” or didn’t like the burger part, therefore took out the buns and called it “burg”. Convincing? Well…I love punning and joking around. I don’t remember the last time I had a hamburger. Probably a few years ago in Australia, at Burger Fuel. It’s a New Zealand chain of gourmet hamburger chain, famous for grass-fed bee, fresh ingredients AND yummy sauces such as aioli and tomato relish. Their menus cater for all tastes ranging from meat lovers to vegans such as tofu, chickpea patties, etc. I don’t eat hamburgers, don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of the patty and sauce, but the buns. I just don’t like them because I am a protein girl! I hope it will reach Europe some time; it’s …