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Finding Best Jura Wines and Comté / Jura Gastronomy

Ok, let me take you on a journey of the Jura and its gastronomy including the wines and Comté. This region, shadowed by Bordeaux and Burgundy, is not very well-known. Even the cheese, Comté , is not as famous as its competitor, Gruyère. I threw this question, “Which cheese is the best among  and Beaufort ?” to French people. It’s a darn hard question if you’re a cheese lover. Ok, then, “Which cheese is stinkier Comté or Gruyère?” To my surprise, Gruyère. Hmm…my obsession with cheese led me to a Gruyère fruitière 2 years ago but it didn’t sweep me off feet as much as Comte did. Before this trip, I visited by chance a Comte fromagerie, caves de affinage, where cheeses are ripened, but I didn’t have a camera with me at that time and only hoped to have another chance for a visit, which didn’t happen. I still remember the shock, the strong, sharp ammonia odor stinging my nostrils and then my eyes – I couldn’t keep my eyes open – when I walked inside …

Stripped Asparagus Noodles / Best Wine to remember for life, Château Mirebeau

You know what? I got a bit teary listening to a podcast on Digital dishes on Food Programme on BBC4. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do and someone is already doing it 😦 13 strangers get together to cook and share a dish that tells a special story and among them is a Turkish guy, who had never cooked in his life and was cooking for the first time in his life, tells how he had been robbed of the opportunity to learn to cook. “…Culinary tales are revealing and powerful, making other cultures more human as well as casting a new light on the road…Food forms identity and ideas, and bring people together…” My lesson? The process of cooking and sharing stories around the table is what is missing in our busy modern world and I need to work harder to connect people through food more.

la mondotte

Wine Tasting – Comtes von Neipperg – La Mondotte

Persuaded by my Bordeaux insider, I attended a Food and Wine event at Bordeaux Magnum yesterday. Having forgotten about the French punctuality, I got there on time and had to pass an awkward half-hour amongst strangers, making small talks with my poor French but mostly reading wine bottles until all attendees arrived. While waiting, I sipped a Sauvignon Blanc based white wine from Bordeaux, which was quite pleasant to drink but wasn’t for my liking, perhaps because of the cooked pear and caramel taste, which is the characteristics of Semillion. Finally, the event kicked off, and the first bottle of the evening was served, following welcome greetings and introduction by the organiser about Garage Wine, which was the theme of the evening. Garage wine reflects a new way of winemaking by independent winemakers using modern and innovative, often organic or biodynamic technique to create wines in new styles to meet the changing trends and demands in the wine market. So these were the 5 bottles we tasted, and one is missing in the picture because …