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smoked salmon carbonara

Salmon Leek Carbonara -Quick&Easy

It’s been dull and grey for a week or two here; just as well that I’ve been doing a fair bit of work on the computer. While spending more time online than usual , I’ve been discovering an unusual phenomenon regarding the ever-growing and ever-changing culture surrounding wine. For a start, Wine Folly, which is like a wine guide for dummies, is a new generation wine geek site, integrating technologies and entertainment into wine education, using visual effects, videos, Facebook and Twitter. Now you are beginning to see more and more wine blogs reaching out to wine drinkers across the globe through social media. It is quite revolutionary, but on the other hand, I couldn’t help but to question this new trend, so called “Digital Wine Communication”. What is funny though, is that the blog, Miss Vicky Wine, that was passed on to me by a French friend of mine a long ago is one example of the trend. And EWBC, which hold conferences around the world and whose last event was held in Turkey …