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Slow Food…11 Hour-Cooked Duck and Sweet Potato Sage Gratin Cheat

It’s been quite a while after the last post about after the Korean event, it’s been full-on but mostly because of me cooking Korean food and socialising offline. I had many people requesting for a Korean dinner and ended up cooking Korean food nonstop for two weeks. I’ve never cooked so much Korean food in such a short period, which was a good exercise to review my Korean palate but also meant that I didn’t have interesting recipes to write about. So after serving the last Korean dinner to Mr.O’s parents, sister and her friend, and cousin, I decided to put a full stop to Korean food for a while and get back to exercising my culinary brain. I’ve had enough of making dumplings and rolling kimbap. Having said that, I’m not sure when the full stop will be removed as I see growing enthusiasm for Korean food after the event so I’m thinking of creating some Korean-inspired recipes occasionally. The downside of Korean food is that it’s very difficult to match it with wines …

Cooking Tips: Magret de Canard& Cauliflower Gratin – Château Fontesteau – Cheese

I can’t have enough of canard. I just love it and it’s so good that it’s plenty in all kinds of forms, pate, confit, magret, cutlets, which I’ve been enjoying recently as an alternative to the magret. I think tomorrow I might have the photos of duck cutlets, which I will serve with caramelised carrots and spring onions in orange carrot cumin sauce. Cooking Tips:  Magret de Carnard Magret de Canard is so simple to cook but there is one crucial fact that people miss and fail to achieve the perfect doneness. As the fat on one side is so thick that the heat doesn’t penetrate through it to cook the meat, therefore you should always cut a criss-cross before cooking, and also put the meat in the pan before heating the pan so the temperature of the meat will gradually rise, which helps to cook the meat evenly.

Lamb Roulade with Light Satay Sauced Cauliflower/ Smyrna 2010, LA Wines

Last Saturday Mr.O offered to cook dinner to impress me so I stayed out of the kitchen for a change, taking a full advantage of the occasion,  and  sipped wine amid the clattering and chopping noises coming from the kitchen. I could sense even from the noises that he was feeling pretty nervous trying out a new recipe, but I was also as anxious as he was, while imagining possible disasters. I shouldn’t really make a big deal out of one bad dinner, but I was born to care about food, which I sometimes saw it as a curse, but  now I’ve come to the point where I shall accept the fact that I am a food snob and shall remain as such; now I understand why chefs are thought to be bad-tempered, grumpy, cranky and foul-mouthed except Jamie Oliver. I am sure he swears in the kitchen when off the camera, though his swearing won’t sound as offensive and vulgar as others, but still….Professionalism or Obsession? You can’t separate both, can you?a I got …

Red Lentil Soup with Cauliflower Croutons

After the two pizza nights in less than a week, I thought I’d better go light. It’d be salad and cheese if it was summer, and fish and salad if I could be bothered to buy fish. But because it’s winter, I chose soup, and it’s easy to make. Boil, boil, boil… I’d been meaning to make lentil soup for a while so I had bags of lentils of different kinds, yellow, red, green big and small. I went for red, thinking of Indian Dal Curry. The good thing about soup is that you can throw everything you don’t want to eat as its original form.