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Soirée des Gourmands @Eat with Me – Delicious Evening with Comte and Jura Wine

When I got back to Istanbul, I wanted to eat some lamb because I, who was indulging in duck meat, I’d forgotten to eat lamb while in France. So I made lamb shanks as the taste of beef bourguignon, which I’d pulled off not long ago, was still lingering in my palate. Well, it just happened to be another dish that I had to brag about. Maybe I’m born a slow cook. I mean literally I can’t cook fast, and if I have to rush, I panick and freeze to the spot. That’s why I’m still a home cook, not a chef. But this might change after the dinner I had with a woman, who came to my dinner last Saturday. This lamb shanks I made by incorporating a beef bourguigon recipe into traditional lamb shanks was the best I’d made and tasted. The fall-off-bone tenderness is just a beginning and the rich flavours and aromas were just incredible. I didn’t even need a fork to eat. The main concept of my blog, which seems …

Rustic Chicken Roquefort Chestnut Tart – Free-range chicken

The good thing about French cheese is that it has no use-by date. I’ve been surviving on the French cheese I brought in May. Your question would be either “What much cheese did she manage to bring?” or “How long has she kept it?” A bit of both if I may answer your questions. I brought about 4kg of cheese and *** bottles of wine (I can’t say the exact number in case customs officials come across my blog, so the stars are the number of syllables), and I’ve been gnawing them as slowly as possible. Seeing that it’s getting closer to October, I thought I could make another visit to France for cheese, wine and study again. So it’s time to indulge in the last remaining cheese.