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Madeleine Financier Cake – Honey, Vanilla, Almond

Delay, delay…posts are getting delayed again. Maybe it’s because I have so much on my plate and more food keeps being added as I try hard to eat what is already on the plate. What do you do when you face this kind of dilemma? Do you eat the new items while they are hot and fresh and then go back to the cold old ones later or finish off the old ones first and then start on the new ones? My fork is busy going back and forth between the new and the old ones, and I am getting stuffed. I have so many photos clogging up my internal and external hard drives, and they are mostly, well, all are food-related. I don’t know what to do with them. Every time I stumble upon one of the photos, my memory goes back to that time…like the Madeleine cake. That is why is called La Madeleine de Proust, for remembering the things, mentioned by the author, Marcel Proust, but mine isn’t about childhood.