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Best Turkish Olive Oil – Tested

UPDATE (Feb 2017): Since this post, I’ve tried other brands and found the two best Turkish olive oil, which I use daily. If you’re looking for good quality olive oil, Kursat olive oil , which has a shop in Nisantasi and Nermin Hanim’s Ovilo Early Harvest. Their unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is so delicious and they delivery products fast and safely. You can still read the post below for extra information on Turkish olive oil. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while and it’s been dragged because I haven’t made up my mind about the best Turkish olive oil. Now my cupboard is crowded with bottles of olive oil and I have to stop buying now and write up the post and get it over and done with. If anyone is in need of olive oil, please come around and take one. 🙂 Olive oil is essential in the Turkish cuisine and culture, especially in the coastal regions. 80% of olives trees grow along the Aegean Sea and some of them …

Gourmet Pizza and Chili Olive Oil

I just felt guilty about letting it roll into September half way into September without adding one more post. Caught up with work, I’ve been unable to cook interesting dishes, though I’ve been eating healthier than ever before. On my recent trip, I dropped by Dhara Oilve Farm and met the passionate person, Larissa, behind the high quality olive oil that I’ve been eating. Larissa took us through the process of making olive oil, and for the first time, I appreciated the considerable amount of work that goes into turning olives into healthy oil, which most of us take for granted without paying much attention to the different qualities of olive oil; many people think olive oil is all good!

Mediterranean Diet – Olive,Feta,Tomato,Watermelon

The precaution shown in the last post about the unintended silence during my holiday had come true and I’d abandoned my blog for over a week. There are still weeks until the actual holiday begins but I’m already well-tanned because of my frequent hopping to the Mediterranean side of Turkey. I feel great when I am down in the south, with the two things I can’t live without besides food: the sun and the sea. If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, my summer stories in Turkey might tempt you to visit this country.