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radish miso tahini

KIMCHI Workshop and Radish Spinach Miso Tahini Rice Bowl

It was fun making kimchi with many people and I was proud to share my know-hows and clarify some of the myths surrounding the most essential Korean food. I was also very surprised by the enthusiasm of the participants, who seemed more obsessed with kimchi than me!

I would like to thank those who joined the event and also, Istanbul Cooking School for opening their space for us.

Kimchi Shrimp Fried Rice with Balsamic Pomegranate Reduction

One of the things I had to give up after my infatuation with wine started to take a big part of my life is “kimchi“. I don’t have to explain about what it is any more, thanks to the Korean Wave, which has spread Korean culture and cuisine across the globe. I had an interesting encounter with a Korean lady, who runs three Korean restaurants in Paris. We talked about developing the Korean cuisine and matching Korean food with wines. I’ve heard about and experienced the popularity of Korean cuisine among the French in big cities, but after talking to her, it became more convincing. Korean food is known as healthy cuisine overseas whereas it’s known to me as the spicy and salty enemy of wine. So when discussing the issue of Korean food and wine, it brings up many aspects of flavours and cooking. I made this radish kimchi while I was in France and gifted a few people for a taste. People get excited about probiotics and health benefits of kimchi, and keen …