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Sezai’nin Yeri – Seafood Restaurant in Fethiye, Turkey

When I first started this blog, the aim was to explore Turkish food and review Turkish restaurants. However, I’d realised after a long period of trials and errors that there weren’t many restaurants worth a visit, let alone a review. So I’d stopped. It is very difficult to find good restaurants in Istanbul without breaking the bank – mind you that trying local food as a tourist is different to having to eat the same food everyday and at every restaurant. And even if you did find some, you can’t hide the feeling that you’ve been ripped off upon paying because you know that you would get the same food for less than half the price back home; uh hm… by home, I meant Australia. Confused? Don’t worry. I’m confused myself, too.

Mediterranean Diet – Olive,Feta,Tomato,Watermelon

The precaution shown in the last post about the unintended silence during my holiday had come true and I’d abandoned my blog for over a week. There are still weeks until the actual holiday begins but I’m already well-tanned because of my frequent hopping to the Mediterranean side of Turkey. I feel great when I am down in the south, with the two things I can’t live without besides food: the sun and the sea. If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, my summer stories in Turkey might tempt you to visit this country.

Mini Blue Voyage and 3 min-One-Pot Pasta

I was on a surprise holiday for the entire las week. I ate, swam, ate, swam, ate, swam at luxury resorts – of course, not at my own expenses. I am more of a rough-it type – and the last two days I was out in the most beautiful cove in Fethiye, which is on the route of Blue Voyage. I was privileged to be on a private boat of an amazingly honourable and hospitable man. Spending time in the sea surrounded by luxury yachts and millionaires was quite an experience that one could dream of. I’ve always fancied owning a boat and living on it, sailing all round the world – who haven’t? Sleeping on the boat was like sleeping on a rocking cradle, which I was comforting and help to sleep better. The meals cooked onboard were exquisite, too. Why is food cooked at the camp so delicious? Is it the simplicity or the surroundings giving a relish to the food? Is it simply that you have more appetite when outdoors, being active? …