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pumpkin soup

Spiced Pumpkin Persimmon Soup

I’ve been almost three years…already. 2014 has been the strangest year for me because I’ve been in and out of Turkey and travelled three continents in a short period of time. So what is it like celebrating Christmas in Turkey? As far as Christmas decorations are concerned, the festive seems to be in the air, and especially the shopping malls are crowded with people hunting for sales. A little Christmas tree is standing in the corner of my living room and the fridge is filled with dinner preparations such as duck confit and mincemeat, though it’ll be a low key affair compared to the previous lavish feasts. Still, I can’t help myself planning menus and drawing mental pictures of a Christmas feast laden with scrumptious dishes as all foodies would be doing around this time. Around this time, you will see many guys like this cutting pumpkins in streets. As a pumpkin lover, I bought a big bag and made a pumpkin bread and ate with clotted cream(kaymak) and honey, nibbled with cheese, and made …

All Blacks Risotto – Wild Mushrooms Wild Rice Risotto / Comte Apple Fritters

Sorry if you clicked it, thinking it was about the NZ soccer team. This photo was taken at the beginning of my holiday and the last week I hardly saw a blue sky. Just around the corner and behind the house is a grassy space with laundry lines and walnut trees. One day we took a walk in the woods, looking for mushrooms, but we didn’t find any. Alas, we stumbled upon a sight of mushrooms spread widely across the grass. These were the most beautiful looking mushrooms I’d seen. They are called Petit Gris due to the grey colour. While Cyrille was looking for information to make sure they were edible, though he was 99% sure, because he had another life at risk, ME, I cleaned the mushrooms by just shaking off the soil and grass. Last time we experienced that mushrooms had been left uncooked bred hundreds of wiggly creatures overnight. So this time we cooked them right away even though we didn’t plan to eat them that night. These mushrooms contained a …

Boulangerie and Fromagerie in Bordeaux

Let’s cram! Because I know I won’t have much time to blog once I get back to Istanbul, I’m busily going over my Bordeaux albums to select photos to write about, and I’ve decided that I can’t leave Bordeaux without mentioning my favourite spots for food shopping. We tent to take for granted the things that are around us all the time, bread for example. I buy it everyday, twice a day. Now that I know the best bakeries to buy bread, I can go straight to each one for morning bread and baguette for lunch and dinner. I feel so good when I taste good bread.