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Being real French – Mushroom Picking and Jura Wine

Can you imagine how lucky I am waking up every morning to this panoramic landscape? I must have done something right in the past or past life to have this kind of luck. Or my passion for food, wine and cheese has led me to this. Whatever the reason is it’s a bliss. Although it’s not sunny every day this time of the year, it has its own charm. When the rays of afternoon sun shine the plateau of Mt Jura, it feels like a paradise. Even the French say I’m more French than the French because I know more about cheese and wine than the ordinary French; they like drinking and eating them than knowing them. Also, my appetite for food is bigger than the French. I must look strange to the French, knowing so much about French food. Well, I’ve been in France on and off for the last 5 years, 1-3 months each time. I’ve tried most of the food and cheese. One of the great pleasures of French life is eating …

Rustic Chicken Roquefort Chestnut Tart – Free-range chicken

The good thing about French cheese is that it has no use-by date. I’ve been surviving on the French cheese I brought in May. Your question would be either “What much cheese did she manage to bring?” or “How long has she kept it?” A bit of both if I may answer your questions. I brought about 4kg of cheese and *** bottles of wine (I can’t say the exact number in case customs officials come across my blog, so the stars are the number of syllables), and I’ve been gnawing them as slowly as possible. Seeing that it’s getting closer to October, I thought I could make another visit to France for cheese, wine and study again. So it’s time to indulge in the last remaining cheese.

Magret de Canard in Turkey! Kayra Vintage Shiraz 2009

Summer holiday came early for me this year. As you noticed, I was away for a week, visiting these beautiful sites and swimming in the sea of incredible colour, which I have no vocabulary to describe it. Turquoise…people usually call it, but to me it is more than just that. The colours of the sea along the Aegean Sea are just mesmerising. You can lose your jaw, staring into the water.


Raclette Bordeaux Style

Some might think….”Isn’t it too late for raclette?” Oui, maybe…? I love cheese, but I must admit I am not a fan of raclette or fondue for the same reason that overdosing on cheese in one meal isn’t a good idea. Plus, when you do fondue or raclette, you need to eat fast to get the benefit of hot cheese, but I am a slow eater so….for me, it seems that it just kills the goodness of raw milk cheese. Having said that, it is the atmosphere surrounding the raclette table that matters, and I like the spirits of sharing and eating non-stop. It is, in a way, a BBQ, and in every culture, the ritual of gathering and eating together is at the core of life and humanity.