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Foodie Guide to Kavala via Alexandroupoli, Greece – Cross-Border Trips

I’m really smitten with the hospitality of the people in northern Greece. Since spring is not far away, Istanbulites might be planning a short escape for gastronomy and for the pantry. So I’m writing a compact foodie guide to northern Greece for locals and tourists alike, perhaps, Anzac tourists to Canakkale? It will be a shame not to make a trip while in Turkey, considering how easy and pleasant it is. It is so close, only 3 hours, from Canakkale, and the pleasure and the value for money is far greater than Turkey. This time I went with a Turkish friend(DE) and her father, and since it was their first time in Greece, I suggested visiting Kavala after Alexandroupoli so that they can experience something different. So what can foodies do in Alexandroupoli and Kavala? Let’s begin. Alexandroupoli – Idyllic Little Cosmopolitan Alexandroupoli is small and easy to navigate, making it perfect for a quick breather with peace and quiet, and food. It’s insanely close from Canakkale so I’ve already made three trips in the …