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leek feta chilli muffins

Leek Feta Muffins with Green Chillies

Sometimes I wonder which country I live in. My fridge and pantry are filled with foreign food items and French wines, but when I look out of the window I see red flags hanging out on the window seals of people’s houses. And I hear the call to prayer in the evening while eating dinner – now I sleep through the morning call that strikes at 6.30 and it doesn’t bother me any more. Other things that remind me of where I am include these white mulberries, the taste of dill and huge yogurt containers, which have many uses. As I am petite and good at climbing trees, I was asked to pick mulberries. These mulberry trees are everywhere across Turkey and the sweet fruit drop on to the streets, making footpaths sticky, and sometimes they will hit your head or drop on to the screen of your iPad when you’re lounging in the shade of those trees. They are so sweet that they can be boiled down to syrup or molasses and used as …