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Special Lunch by the Chef and Spanish Priorat Wine

Finally, she kept her promise of reciprocation. Dolores the chef came to my soiree and shared her passion and experiences with me. It was such a delightful session that I’d been waiting to meet her again ever since. The life in Istanbul is unimaginable for most of the people who have never set foot in this world. It’s big; it’s chaotic; it’s frustrating; it’s addictive. Compared to the size of the city, I feel the city is the smallest when I long for exciting food experiences. It’ll be even worse when the bans on alcohol and social activities become more serious. I feel bad talking about food when people are going about, angry after the disappointing election results. But let’s forget about the politics for a second. Foodies living in Istanbul have a dilemma. Where should we go to eat? Hmm….after some searching and thinking, ok, they come to this: let’s cook at home. Yes, we foodies cook better than any restaurants in Istanbul, believe or not, and even better, it costs far less for …

10 min Meatballs in Tomato sauce with Presents

Sorry dear readers! Now I’m back! Don’t get put off by the title, saying “meatballs?!” – do not judge a book by its cover. Please read on because it is not just an ordinary meatball dish. When one is not seen in the online world, one is busy in the real world. Am I right? Yes, right, I had so much fun last week with the fascinating young Germans, and now with them gone, I’m touching on the memories of our dinners together and the survival package they brought for me. They brought cheese, wine and lots of pumpernickel bread, which I’ve been having with the German blue cheese after a meal. But not only that!

Vegetable Lasagna / Vinkara Öküzgözü – Boğazkere

It is so much fun cooking and eating with people who are passionate about good eating and good life. As what I am trying to do with my blog is to cook, eat and drink with other people, I created a “Guests Cooking” page where I was thinking of writing stories about cooking with friends, families, people I know or even total strangers who want to cook for me and eat with me. And the first posting happened to be of the French couple, Julien and Emma, who stayed with us for a few days and recently started on their month-long adventure around Turkey. What incredibly pleasant people they were! They were good examples of beautiful human beings, full of knowledge and passion for everything including history, language, sociology, science, computer, and food, etc., and hearts for sharing, caring and learning. Especially, Julien is multi-talented, currently working as a shepherd, a French shepherd! Fromage! fromage!, but unfortunately his farm is for meat not for cheese.