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Mediterranean Diet – Olive,Feta,Tomato,Watermelon

The precaution shown in the last post about the unintended silence during my holiday had come true and I’d abandoned my blog for over a week. There are still weeks until the actual holiday begins but I’m already well-tanned because of my frequent hopping to the Mediterranean side of Turkey. I feel great when I am down in the south, with the two things I can’t live without besides food: the sun and the sea. If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, my summer stories in Turkey might tempt you to visit this country.

banana yogurt bread

Wholewheat Yogurt Banana Bread

Today is a crucial moment in the life of Mr.O. Today is the day he has  Two weeks ago he decided to become a baker and baked his first sweet goodness, Banana Bread, which I thought would be the easiest and useful, and yes, delicious. I almost gave up teaching him when he started to put all the ingredients I laid down on the kitchen bench into the mixing bowl without thinking. Oh, dear…trying to be calm and patient, I gave him a quick run-down on the basic rules of baking: creaming, sifting, measurement, etc. “Geez, it’s a lot more complicated than I thought.” said he. I said to myself, “So, think of the hard work that goes into the goodness next week you bite into it, let alone the amount of sugar!”.

10 min Meatballs in Tomato sauce with Presents

Sorry dear readers! Now I’m back! Don’t get put off by the title, saying “meatballs?!” – do not judge a book by its cover. Please read on because it is not just an ordinary meatball dish. When one is not seen in the online world, one is busy in the real world. Am I right? Yes, right, I had so much fun last week with the fascinating young Germans, and now with them gone, I’m touching on the memories of our dinners together and the survival package they brought for me. They brought cheese, wine and lots of pumpernickel bread, which I’ve been having with the German blue cheese after a meal. But not only that!

Halloumi Spinach Stack with Garlicky Beetroot Hummus

Ok, so I mentioned about detoxing and getting back to normal routines and eating in the previous post, right? I’m not really talking about the detox diet that women so often religiously talk about; I simply mean going off alcohol for a while, at least until this Friday because on Saturday I will be tasting some wines with my foodie friends. Before Nice, Mr.O and I tried to eat up everything that might go spoilt, but we couldn’t finish the cooked beetroots. I was meant to char-grill a bunch of capsicums to store but didn’t get around to do it. So it was the time. I love char-grilling them over the stove, though some people prefer the oven because of the mess it makes. But this pan, which I accidentally found while looking for a heat diffuser for Persian rice, happened to be what Turkish people use. You can char-grill any veggies, even seafood! So at lunchtime, even though I was not fully in the mood for cooking and taking photos, I couldn’t resist it when I …

Healthy Snacks-Pickled Cabbage Salad&Tuna Dip

Is it a sign that I’m getting old? I’ve wasted my entire day yesterday, trying to catch up on the latest social media world, which frustrated me so much that I almost got to the verge of giving it up. However, I’m the type that once I’ve set my mind to something, I become very single focused and it has to be done. You can call me ‘obsessive’, yes, but it can be put more nicely such as ambitious, driven and passionate, no? While reluctantly trying to absorb as much information as I could, I was amazed at how far behind all that technologies I was. I wondered why people want everything done so quick and to be the first all the time. Doesn’t it make more sense nowadays that we need to slow things down because we live longer? It’s one of modern dilemmas.