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Mussel Korma Curry – Turmeric Power

Where I am is a small village called, Confort, and I’m having a very “confortable” holiday. I wish I could wake up everyday to the green scenery and walk about in silence except the sound of birds. The only downside of being in a small village up in the mountain is no access to public transportation and good boulangeries for breakfast bread. Here it’s necessary to have bread and other groceries in the freezer and everyday necessities whenever possible. When I’m in the desperate need of something, I have to walk for 1.5 hours to the centre through La Voie du Tram, which is an old tram way that was transformed into a path where people can walk, run or ride a bicycle. It runs over 3 km and 2 km extra to reach the town centre. On the route, I see many people running and wonder how French people love sports and exercises whether they exercise in order to eat like me. The first time I took the tram way I got lost and …

Being a Gourmande – Full Course: Escargot to Best Pear Tart / Saint-Joseph Rhone Wine

I’ve been cooking everyday and indulging in eating so much that I hardly have time to sit in front of the computer. In a way, I’ve been deliberately trying to stay away from the computer as being in France is a holiday and a treatment for the pains in my back and shoulders that I’ve had for quite a while. Blogging means a lot of sitting, whether it is for writing or working on photos. But once committed to blogging, one feels anxious when I don’t post anything for more than 5 days. I wish I could post everyday – I probably could if it was just about writing – but a big part of my blog is the photos as you can see. I love taking photos of food. My photos aren’t so professional like the ones you see on blogs of professional food photographers, with beautiful lighting and props, etc.

Prawn Avocado Orange Cocktail and Thai Curry Grilled Salmon with Jura and Alsace Wines

After reading about pairing wine with desserts on Vino in Love, I thought I’d post my first review on white wine. Years ago when I started drinking wine, I enjoyed sipping a glass of Chardonnay at parties as an aperitif with cheese and nibbles under the sun before the mains or super crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with fish or spicy Asian dishes. Luckily, all that happened in New Zealand, the country of white wine. It didn’t realise how the style of white wine could be so different and it was interesting how I picked out New Zealand wine just from the smell in the blind tasting I did on the wine course. Though I’ve tasted some white along the way, I’ve put whites behind me and now I’m all for red wines. I simply find red wine grapes more interesting and capricious like me. I’ve received three bottles of whites from different guests, one from Alsace, one from Jura, and the other from Württemberg.