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My Favourite Turkish Wine List

It’s been the strangest May since I arrived in Turkey in terms of weather. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny enough to pick herbs in the garden and sit outside for a long brunch or an evening barbeque. Instead, it’s been like this over a week, stealing the cheerful mood. Snails are plenty here. The French will love seeing these organic escagort. Mr.O deliberately steps on them while walking to tease me with the awful sound of snails getting crushed in shells. 😦 I seem to feel the pricking sensation running down my spine whenever he does that. Why are men like mischievous kids? The things that get me out of the blues on rainy days are baking or sipping wine with cheese. So I’m going to talk about wine for a change. It’s been a while since I last mentioned wines here. I’ve simply run out of wines to talk about or even to drink. Luckily, thanks to the wine I discovered all by chance, I’ve got  by without worrying about my daily …