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Ginger Spiced Biscuits

This posting has been quite delayed and I almost decided to discard it yesterday because these biscuits didn’t seem to have the same specialty as when I first made it a few days ago. That is what happens, isn’t it? Things lose their charms when left for too long. So since I’d already done something crazy on the spur of moment, I thought I’d do the same with this. What has been consuming my mind lately is to do with pursuing my dreams. Though some say dreams are better to be left as dreams, I’ve finally decided that I’d rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate. I don’t know if this trial will end up adding to my already long list of the things that I’ve tried and hasn’t worked, but at least I learn something, which will be part of the journey to find the one that works for me like Thomas Edison said. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Chocolate Mandarin Coconut Cookies

I was very excited when I saw it snowing while eating breakfast, so I rushed to my room to grab my camera and opened the window to take a shot of this delightful first snow of this winter. I got taken aback by a flow of crisp cold air hitting my face for a second because the temperature had been quite mild until yesterday. How quickly the weather has changed…. The snow got heavier toward the afternoon and the view through the window, so beautiful, made me freeze to a spot taking in the view as much as I could. So I sat down by the window with a cup of coffee and the chocolate cookies I made a few days ago. It’s so beautiful….A small joy that nature brings us. I’m not a winter person, in fact, I hate it. Having lived in a warm country Down Under for 10 years, I seem to have lost my resistance to the cold weather.  Narnia Forest in Geneva…gosh, the cold was just unbearable! What saves me from …