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Oatmeal Tahini Chocolate Cookies

After reading a discussion article on the terminology of biscuits and cookies on Frugal Feeding, I am confused whether to call my favourite Anzac Biscuits with tweaks  that I bake so often “biscuits” or “cookies“. I think I should call them cookies by his definition, but anyway, I love biscuits and cookies made with oats and I process some of the oats in my pantry to make ground oats as I do for almond flour so that I can sometimes make cookies with smoother texture. As I am trying to eat healthy, I pay attention to nutritional values of foods and I’ve learned that these tiny seeds are not only tasty, but are very nutritious, too. It’s full of calcium, potassium and zinc. Did you know that a 1/4 cup of sesame seeds have more calcium than a cup of milk?