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Fig Hazelnut Caraway Rye Bread – No Knead

These days I enjoy writing up a menu and taking orders from it as if I were a restaurant host or something. It is like playing dolls or role-play, which was my favourite games in my childhood because I was a shy and timid kid, who would retreat to the room and narrate to myself. I sometimes wonder if I am an inate actor. I used to love being on stage, dancing or acting. I should have chosen dance for my career. I formed a dance group and led it throughout my school years and I studied plays and received a best performance award at university. Uh hmm…sometimes shouting out self-praise is needed when the world doesn’t recognise your talent.

Vegetable Delight – Carrot Spinach Feta Muffins

As you know, I’ve been managing two blogs in different languages and it’s quite time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Especially this week I’ve been working on improving my blog to make it more user-friendly while still remaining a minimalist, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. At least, this has been quite educational keeping my brain fresh and my skills oiled. So some days I didn’t even have time to sit down for a proper meal at lunchtime, just hunching over the kitchen bench eating bits of cheese, bread, tomatoes, a few leaves and more cheese. I couldn’t even bother to put them together to make a decent sandwich, and it was then that I thought it’d be nice to have something quick and ready to eat but still nutritious and delicious; something that has everything in it. And then I saw a big amount of different cheeses in the fridge left over from the improvisational wine and cheese tasting two evenings ago. I knew that I wasn’t going to eat them on their own …