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Gourmet Pizza and Chili Olive Oil

I just felt guilty about letting it roll into September half way into September without adding one more post. Caught up with work, I’ve been unable to cook interesting dishes, though I’ve been eating healthier than ever before. On my recent trip, I dropped by Dhara Oilve Farm and met the passionate person, Larissa, behind the high quality olive oil that I’ve been eating. Larissa took us through the process of making olive oil, and for the first time, I appreciated the considerable amount of work that goes into turning olives into healthy oil, which most of us take for granted without paying much attention to the different qualities of olive oil; many people think olive oil is all good!

Pizza and Movie Night

I’ve been catching up on films lately, Cloud Atlas, Looper, Intouchables, and also watched some old favourites like Papillon and Magnolia. The first two films happened to be a sci-fi time travel story, with which I have a comprehension issue, and I blame on my lack of imagination. Cloud Atlas was ok, but it seemed to have reminiscences of past films like Blade Runner, Inception and Crash. Is it just me who felt that way? So I was bothered by the thoughts that kept making comparisons with other films and didn’t get to enjoy the film, a bad sign huh? The film failed to grab me. Then came Looper, which we managed to watch in three days. I just couldn’t believe such film got a high score on Rotten Tomatoes and from now on, I don’t think I can trust those guys any more. Luckily, Intouchables made up for my disappointment with the two previous films and we watched it while eating “recycle pizza”, which made the night unforgettable.