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Autumn Colours of Jura / Seafood Tartare / Blue Prawn Gratin / Fondant Ice Cream

Yesterday I made tartare au saumon fumé, well, smoked salmon tartare;please excuse my overuse of French. I’m still in the holiday mood. The smoked salmon was a gift from a Canadians guest, which is home-made. I happened to have some avocados so I threw it in a bowl with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, dill, etc. It’s simple but delicious. That dish reminded me of this post I had been meaning to post but been delaying because there is so much rambling in it. I hope you don’t mind it but at least enjoy the magnificent photos of the Jura mountains at their best. Just down the road from the house there is a path in the woods that leads to a bridge or a river. We set off for a walk to look for mushrooms, but the walk was the main and the mushrooms were just extra bonus, just the way one’s life works. Reaching a goal isn’t important; what’s important is what you meet on the way there. We didn’t have much luck with …

Chilli Prawn Linguine / Plum Cardamom Upside-Down Cake

This classic pasta with prawns is always a winner at any dinners. My plan was to make pasta with scampis just lightly tossed in olive oil and fresh herbs but as I couldn’t get scampis that day, I had to switch to prawn pasta, which wasn’t a disaster but less interesting than scampis. This is the last post about the weekend’s scampi night. (Scampi Night Part 1 / Scampi Night Part 2) – (update: sorry, the posts seem to have disappeared when changing the blog address.) But you can still read the menu of the night to imagine what it was like. It’s strange to call it a scampi night when there isn’t any scampis on the menu, right? What I realised from the last event was that I should have a chalk board menu. Why? I made the menu first and went to pick up groceries just to learn that I couldn’t find the things I had wanted to cook and wrote on the menu. That makes me think why I often like restaurants …

endive filo

Soirée Gastronomique et Cave du Vin / Endive – Duck – Cheese

Last Sunday I organised a petite soiree with a lovely Scottish couple, two gorgeous kids and my mentor, to whom I feel indebted in many ways. We all have one thing in common: love for food, wine and natural life. I hadn’t decided what to make up until the very day of the soiree. I used to make a big fuss with dinner parties in the days when my culinary obsession was starting, making several big grocery shopping trips and thinking up recipes for days, to impress people . A dinner party was a perfect occasion where I could test new recipes on people. Over 4 years have pasted since then and now I am more relaxed in a way or I don’t care as much as I used to about the success and failure of gastronomic evenings. Now my evening revolves more around wines and chats rather than geeky recipes.

Prawn Avocado Orange Cocktail and Thai Curry Grilled Salmon with Jura and Alsace Wines

After reading about pairing wine with desserts on Vino in Love, I thought I’d post my first review on white wine. Years ago when I started drinking wine, I enjoyed sipping a glass of Chardonnay at parties as an aperitif with cheese and nibbles under the sun before the mains or super crisp and fruity Sauvignon Blanc with fish or spicy Asian dishes. Luckily, all that happened in New Zealand, the country of white wine. It didn’t realise how the style of white wine could be so different and it was interesting how I picked out New Zealand wine just from the smell in the blind tasting I did on the wine course. Though I’ve tasted some white along the way, I’ve put whites behind me and now I’m all for red wines. I simply find red wine grapes more interesting and capricious like me. I’ve received three bottles of whites from different guests, one from Alsace, one from Jura, and the other from Württemberg.