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Vanilla Custard Tart with Prunes: Reblog

While I was writing up the post about Ricotta Yogurt Cheesecake, I found this one in my past recipe collection. The memory of the delightful taste instantly came alive and I thought I’d like to share it with you. We’re going back in time to 2009… I hadn’t taken much of jacaranda trees lining streets of Sydney, announcing the start of spring, until three weeks ago when I went on a school excursion and heard a co-teacher explaining about the specialness of the trees. I would see purple colours in streets and think summer is getting closer but didn’t pay enough attention; maybe I did, when I first came to Australia, and I remember walking through jacaranda tree-lined streets of Paddington with girlfriends of mine, chatting and laughing, exhilarated by the sight of the beautiful flowers falling as if it was snowing, and then, over time, the significance of the tree that once existed in me seems to have faded and died .  “It’s human nature to start taking things for granted again when danger …

Being a Gourmande – Full Course: Escargot to Best Pear Tart / Saint-Joseph Rhone Wine

I’ve been cooking everyday and indulging in eating so much that I hardly have time to sit in front of the computer. In a way, I’ve been deliberately trying to stay away from the computer as being in France is a holiday and a treatment for the pains in my back and shoulders that I’ve had for quite a while. Blogging means a lot of sitting, whether it is for writing or working on photos. But once committed to blogging, one feels anxious when I don’t post anything for more than 5 days. I wish I could post everyday – I probably could if it was just about writing – but a big part of my blog is the photos as you can see. I love taking photos of food. My photos aren’t so professional like the ones you see on blogs of professional food photographers, with beautiful lighting and props, etc.