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Seared Tuna Steak with Radish Kiwi Wasabi Pickle

Here I go again. It’s been a crazy few weeks with a lot of work. I wonder, yet again, how people manage to keep up with writing blog posts while working a regular job to bring home the bacon. Especially, as the warm spring sun calls people outside, I spend less and less time in the kitchen, cooking. Should I upgrade my gadgets to be able to work on the go? Should I keep my posts short and simple? As I have a grumpy old lady inside the young-ish body of mine, I tend to ramble away once I start on a subject. Yet, the biggest problem seems to be the photos, which take not only the time to process but also the space on my hard drive. I’ll need to work out the issue soon before I drown in the sea of photos. On this sort-of new blog, I’d be exploring more Turkish cuisine as some smart people might have already guessed. I’ve tormented readers with French cheese and wine for a long time …

Healthy Snacks-Pickled Cabbage Salad&Tuna Dip

Is it a sign that I’m getting old? I’ve wasted my entire day yesterday, trying to catch up on the latest social media world, which frustrated me so much that I almost got to the verge of giving it up. However, I’m the type that once I’ve set my mind to something, I become very single focused and it has to be done. You can call me ‘obsessive’, yes, but it can be put more nicely such as ambitious, driven and passionate, no? While reluctantly trying to absorb as much information as I could, I was amazed at how far behind all that technologies I was. I wondered why people want everything done so quick and to be the first all the time. Doesn’t it make more sense nowadays that we need to slow things down because we live longer? It’s one of modern dilemmas.