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chocolate raspberry cake

My first book and the kids cake

Knock, knock… are you still there? It’s been a long break once again. My apologies… You can guess why I’ve been away, right? I got married and left for honeymoon without the ‘honey’. I spent 5 weeks in London for a wine course! Am I crazy? Yes, maybe I am. You need to be crazy in order to follow your heart and dreams, not money and fame. It’s challenging but more rewarding, no doubt. So I left the unpacking the boxes to Mr.O, the now-hubby, after moving to our new love nest, and off I went. I’ll share my experiences and discoveries in London soon. When I came back, I had loads of work to catch up on including the book. In addition, I had to organise the wedding – yes, I got married in May but the actual wedding ceremony was held last week – and also had to spend time with my family, who came earlier to travel around Turkey before the wedding. When my publisher sent me a photo of the book …

marinated goat cheese

Greetings of Spring:Tulip and Marinated Goat Cheese&Artichoke

Istanbul is dressed in blooming tulips and newlyweds getting a photo shoot are seen in all parks. The country that is believed to have spread tulips to Europe and have created Tulip Mania is exhibiting a vast collection of tulips, many of which I hadn’t seen else where. Surely, April and May are the best time to visit Istanbul. Including the typical Turkish tulip that resembles a Turkish tea glass, there are so many different species and I’m particularly excited walking around the city, tulips being my favourite flower as a child, but not now. Why? I’ve come out of the shell. I’m glad I caught these flowers at their best as they die in the ugliest form. I didn’t know tulips could look like this. There are many more photos of other varieties but I thought it’d be rude to paint the page with photos of flowers and my very favourite tulip photo isn’t here because it didn’t come out well! Another thing that makes spring an exciting season is strawberries but in Turkey, …

Mediterranean Diet – Olive,Feta,Tomato,Watermelon

The precaution shown in the last post about the unintended silence during my holiday had come true and I’d abandoned my blog for over a week. There are still weeks until the actual holiday begins but I’m already well-tanned because of my frequent hopping to the Mediterranean side of Turkey. I feel great when I am down in the south, with the two things I can’t live without besides food: the sun and the sea. If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, my summer stories in Turkey might tempt you to visit this country.