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Mediterranean Diet – Olive,Feta,Tomato,Watermelon

The precaution shown in the last post about the unintended silence during my holiday had come true and I’d abandoned my blog for over a week. There are still weeks until the actual holiday begins but I’m already well-tanned because of my frequent hopping to the Mediterranean side of Turkey. I feel great when I am down in the south, with the two things I can’t live without besides food: the sun and the sea. If you haven’t been to Turkey yet, my summer stories in Turkey might tempt you to visit this country.

Sunday Roast / Chocolate Sour Cherry Cookies

The Sunday garden BBQ  has returned – my favourite time of the week. Every weekend the extended family come to this blessed inner city village for relaxation in the nature and tend fruit and veggie gardens. Together they eat breakfast, make Turkish dolma with walnut leaves and stuffed artichokes together, drink hundreds cups of tea, eat sweets, and have a BBQ in the evening. Sunday is all about eating. May and June are the best season to visit the village because I can eat lots of wild berries fresh off the garden. Wow, the perfume of wild berries was so good and reminiscent of the Georgian wine I drank and I ate lots of them that day. Onur, one of the family members, took nice shots of me with those delicious wild berries. On the patio facing the orchard of cherry, plum and apple trees and the vegetable garden, Mr.O‘s dad is cooking the lamb skewers and chops over the Turkish charcoal BBQ, called “Mangal“. He loves cooking and feeding people, just like me, which …