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Flavours of Korea and Far East @Revolte Cafe Pub

korean food

Another Korean food event took place last Saturday. This time it was a little different to the previous as I, self-taught and instinctive cook, was joined by a professionally trained chef, Seçkin @5KitchenModa. While working together in the kitchen, I was reminded of ‘The Cook and the Chef‘, the Australian TV show, though I’m not as old as Maggie! I’m hoping to mature like her though.


A lot of people showed interest in the event again and the tables got quickly booked out. This time it was for finger foods rather than a full course meal, which is usually more labour intensive. Imagine rolling out 100 dumpling wrappers and rolling 100 spring rolls!

What makes it even more difficult is the lack of access to basic ingredients. I could have easily bought the tofu and bean sprouts but I made both from scratch because I don’t like the taste of tofu sold here. And Seckin even smoked the fish for the sushi because we didn’t want to use imported farmed salmon. When I was introduced to him, I sensed that we both shared a common ‘foodosophy’ ; natural, slow food, healthy, seasonal.


Revolte Cafe Pub is a cool place with nice ambience and friendly staff, and the owner was also super helpful. The only downside was the absence of a kitchen so we had to bring our own oven and kitchen tools, but it wasn’t a huge issue for finger foods. The guests started to arrive and we started serving the food.

I plated the food while Seckin was reheating it and here I’m waiting for duck spring rolls to fill the empty space. Great teamwork! Everything is homemade from spicy mayo and 5 spice plum sauce to kimchi, and the calamari pancake is made of buckwheat.

korean foodAt this event, there was a big French group, who liked kimchi and spicy sauce very much, and there were even people who came just to eat kimchi. I was aware of the popularity of kimchi but not to this degree!


Perhaps I should consider a kimchi theme for the next event. Kimchi tuna stew, kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancake, kimchi burrito, kimchi dumplings, etc. Sounds good? Then I need to make more kimchi! But guess what? Luckily I’m going to Korea next week to bring more ingredients. I hope to see you all again at the next event with different menus.

Sorry, there aren’t many photos to share because we didn’t have a photographer taking photos and these are the ones I could secure from the mostly blurry photos Mr.O took.

revolte pub

Here’s an extra photo from the woman, who I mentioned in the article and ate the most kimchi. Kimcheeeee~~~

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Hello, I'm Namie and I like exploring different cuisines and creating something that is delicious and healthy at the same time. I'm also a certified wine lover and interested in discovering exciting new wines. For a wine and food event, please feel free to contact me.


    • Welcome back to sunny delicious Istanbul! Hope you’re enjoying all the food you missed 🙂 I’m going to Korea this Thurs for 2 weeks. Looking forward to eating more yummies 🙂


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